We specialise in providing auto switching services for our customers who have fully electric plugin vehicles. Our service is designed ensure you get the most out of your electric vehicle in terms of running costs and environmental impact so you can rest assured that you cars energy needs are being met. Check out the services we offer specifically for electric vehicles.


We search the entire market to find the tariff that will save you the most amount of money and meets all your requirements.

We look at all parameters before deciding what is the best tariff to switch you to. This includes vehicle efficiency, mileage and the energy consumption for your home. With all this information we are able to quantify how much energy you consume, along with your consumption profile so we can find a deal that saves you the most.

We measure energy cost savings for an EV on a energy cost per mile basis. This allow us to easily identify and translate the energy cost savings involved with operating an EV.


Reduce electricity costs per mile

Our autoswitching service helps ensure you are always on the best tariff so you spend less per mile on electricity costs.

Zero carbon emissions

You can choose whether you want us to switch you only to green electricity tariff so you can rest assured that your car is emitting zero carbon emission into the atmosphere.

Faster payback

By reducing the electrical costs needed to operate your vehicle, this will help you reduce it's overall running costs and payback period.

Air quality

With our service you can request we only switch your supply to 100% green electricity which helps the improve air quality.

Best Deals

We look for the best energy deals that are specifically tailored to electricity vehicles to help make sure you get the most out of your vehicle.


Service Package

£ 2.50 Per Month
  • Auto-switching
  • Customisable switching
  • Electric vehicles


Most frequent questions and answers

WeSwitchYou.com is an auto switching service that finds you the best available energy deal and switches you to it and you don’t have to do a thing because we manage the whole process for you.

  • We don’t take commission from energy suppliers, which means we can switch you to the best deals that you won’t find on price comparison sites.
  • We don’t present you with lists of quotes to decipher and compare because we do that for you in order to find you the best available deal.
  • We don’t just show you what deals are available, we also switch you to them.
  • We avoid, wherever possible, to use estimations to determine your usage because this can result in inaccurate quotes and missed savings.
  • We get accurate usage data from your bills to ensure you pay the cheapest price for the energy you use.

The switch process usually takes about 4 weeks depending on the supplier and this includes a 14-day “cooling off period”, where you can decide to change your mind.

Sometimes things can take a little longer, so don’t worry if your switch isn’t completed in exactly 4 weeks.

WeSwitchYou.com support the following residential credit meter types:

  • Standard single rate (profile class 01, also called “general domestic” or “GD”)
  • Economy 7 (profile class 02, where you have a day rate and a night rate)

If you have a smart meter and are switched to a new supplier, the new supplier may not be able to remotely read your meter.  However there is no need to worry because you can still take a manual reading of the meter and provide it to your supplier so they can bill you based on your actual energy usage.

  • Prepayment meters (where you use a token, key or card to pay for your utilities in advance)
  • Economy 10 meters (for night storage heaters)
  • Economy 20:20 meters or similar
  • Related MPANs (2 MPAN 1 meter, 2 MPAN 2 meters)
  • 3-rate tariffs
  • Non-domestic tariffs
  • Unmetered supply
  • Green deal

If you use a token, card or key to top up or pay for your electricity in advance, we won’t be able to switch you. Depending on whether you asked for a prepayment meter to be installed, you might be able to get your supplier to change it to a credit meter.

Most auto switching websites work on a commission basis. So they tend to only switch you to deals with suppliers where they are paid commission. From our research, the best energy deals on the market are provided by suppliers who do not pay a commission. By charging an affordable fee for our service we are able to freely switch customers to these deals, helping them to save the most on their energy bills.

To cancel your subscription, you will need to send an email to support@weswitchyou.com or just login into your account and click on the cancel subscription button.

If you are moving home you will be able to continue with WeSWitchYou.com at your new address, just login into your account and change your supply address.