My name is Pelumi and I was someone who often switched their energy supplier to make sure I was on the best deal but going through the process multiple times made me realised how confusing, tedious and overcomplicated the whole process can be and made me wonder why it couldn’t just be done automatically.  

For most of my career I have worked in the energy industry and so I have a better understanding of the jargon and process when switching suppliers, but going through it personally multiple times made realise how difficult the whole process must be for someone who may not have that technical background.

I have always had a passion for energy.   I have been working as an energy engineer for more than a decade developing energy systems and services for both commercial and domestic customers to help reduce their energy consumption and costs. But I have always wondered why innovative technology is not used to help customers switch energy suppliers, save energy and reduce their carbon emissions. 


During my career in the energy industry, I realised there are massive opportunities for customers to reduce their energy costs through the use of innovative technology and systems and I created weswitchyou.com to help facilitate this process. The core focus of weswitchyou.com is looking at ways to integrate  technology into the everyday lives of our customers, so the true benefits of energy savings and cost reductions can be seamlessly realised by the everyday customers at an affordable price. 

AUTO SWITCHING and other services

We have developed an in-house auto switching service that is simple and easy to use, while simultaneously allowing our customers to benefit from energy cost savings and improving the quality and standard of service they receive. We are also developing further services in-house to improve our current service offering and hope to release them soon.